Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Chaos Mk2

Hello again folks! Today is a sort of continuation of one of the first posts on this blog, about my (then) chaos warband which has slowly but surely turned into an army. It all started with me beginning to collect the older chaos models I had lusted after since I was a nipper, with a vague plan to have a warband for each of the four gods. That's developed into the army I'll be showing today, so let's get to it shall we?

Firstly, the slaanesh contingent:
The whole lot 

Chaos warriors (or marauders) led by Hermann Lustfist, the army commander

Some centaurs for flank molesting

Hounds for extra molestation 

A trio of horned up minotaurs. The lad in the middle is one of my all time favourite sculpts, amd one of the first models painted for the project. The lad on the right came in a job lot minus a head, so a 5th ed minotaur lord made the ultimate sacrifice 

Now the Khorne contingent :
The lot together

Chaos thugs

The Bloodthirster!! This was a very kind gift from Diego Serrate of Knightmare Games. It started in a bit of a sorry state, which Diego sorted by sculpting a new axe arm for and also gave him a neck for me to attach a flesh hound head. Scary dog headed bastard.

The three heroes, from left to right Thunderfist, Lord Gorebastard (also the contingent commander), and then Kharth the Decimator on the end. This contingent is based around the three champions as heralds of the Bloodthirster, with the thugs standing in as devoted (and mental) disciples

Another view of Gorebastard 

And now we come to the final contingent, Nurgle:
You can almost smell them, can't you

Five Nurgle warriors, made up of the fantastic Jes Goodwin champion sculpts and joined by Festemus (dead centre) from Knightmare Games 

The Pus Duke. Contingent commander and another jewel in my collection. I do have the banners for this lad somewhere, but I'm buggered if I can find them

The first of many beastmen! I have a good amount of different beastmen from all the chaos powers, but there was no way I wasn't doing the pestigors first! There's also a really old (and peculiar looking) mounted beastman raider in the mix, for a bit of variety. And let's not forget Father Wormtaste the Great Unclean One waving from the back! 

The Shaggoth. Speaks for itself really. The best dragon ogre ever made

So, there yis go, that's the majority of the army showcased now. For those wondering where the Tzeentch part is, I've only got three wizards and a lord of change for that so far so they'll be along a bit later, alright? 

Thanks for looking as always, and stay tuned for more!

Monday, 1 January 2018

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Hello! Ive been a terrible lazy bastard haven't I? No excuses, I just haven't been arsed keeping the blog updated so sorry about that folks, let's try and appease all three of you with some fresh pics of an old and ongoing project :

Now, this game is probably single handedly responsible for my involvement with the whole Oldhammer thing we all know and love. And because it belongs to my wife, that makes her responsible for all those toy soldiers she keeps finding all over the house. So there.
Anyway, I've never been one to enjoy using cardboard counters, so once Cheryl had cracked this open I went rummaging for miniatures to represent the characters we'd picked and while it did the trick for a while, we ended up talking about looking into collecting the original range sculpted by Aly Morrison 
(picture courtesy of SoL)

So, off to eBay we went, and over the course of quite a few years now between eBay and trading sites we've managed to collect 45 of the original set for reasonable prices, not bad, but still a ways to go. Of those 45, I've so far painted the following 18. They're quite a nice range to pick away at bit by bit, and besides the game they were intended for, they make some lovely (in some cases) civilians for larger skirmish games, so Brucie bonus there!
That's plenty of shite out of me now, here's what you've all (probably) been waiting for

Some of these were painted a few years ago, and I should really revisit them to get them up to standard (the barbarians face would be a glaring example),  so maybe between projects this year I can sort them out amd get a few more in the cabinet. Thanks for looking folks, and happy new year! 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

The year in review

Well now, that was a hell of a ride wasn't it? Happy new year everyone, I've blown the cobwebs off this place in order to dump another massive pile of pics on you, I may have been too lazy to blog, but I've been painting my bollocks off with various projects over the year including a great collaboration with Ned over at The Work of Shaitan on some chaos warbands and a fimir for the Scale Creep Heroquest project. The commission work reached a level that nearly burned me out. But that's another story for another post, you're here to see pics, aren't you? I'll let the images do the talking in this one, and just say thanks for looking!